Social Media Management

Is your website the only place you call home online? If that’s the case, you’re overlooking a huge opportunity! Social media is where you can personally interact with and get to know your audience. It’s where your brand feels more like a person than a business or organization. 

Not a Fan?

Whether you’re a social media fan or not a follower at all, social media is one of the best marketing tools available to your small nonprofit, startup or social-minded business. 


A top-notch social media profile is a low-cost investment that can bring high results with increased website traffic, more leads, a higher search engine rating, and more opportunities to interact with your followers. It’s the spark of personality that your brand is looking for, giving an authentic voice to your name and reputation.


No matter who your audience is, you can reach them on social media. In fact, according to Pew Research, more than two thirds of Americans use Facebook and over one third are active on Instagram, not to mention that roughly one fourth of the population use other platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Doing social media well can feel complicated and time-consuming. Many social-minded businesses or startups struggle to see how a social media strategy could help them make money, and small nonprofits debate whether it will increase donations or volunteers. They wonder how difficult it will be to get started with the different accounts and if it will be worth the investment.


We can tell you, it’s worth it!

We Can Help

According to a recent survey, 71% of customers who have a positive service experience on social media are likely to recommend your brand to their friends and family. If you don’t have a strong social media presence, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to make your customers happy! We can help with personalized social media management. 


We post, interact, and manage your social media accounts for you, giving you more time to focus on your mission and ultimately make an impact in our community.

Want your business to be more active on social media with regular posts? 

Not sure which social media platforms your audience prefers? 

Don’t know what kind of posts your followers want to see? 

Your Social Media Team

As your personal social media team, we:

  • Remove the hassle of setting up multiple accounts, making sure information is consistent, and crafting detailed profiles that genuinely reflect your brand and mission.

  • Analyze your current social media presence and identify which platforms are best for your business.

  • Evaluate your competitors to analyze what they do well, where they are lacking, and how you can stand out among the crowd.

  • Take the guesswork out of a style guide and make sure you have a consistent brand theme across all accounts.

  • We consistently deliver relevant content to your readers, regularly track stats about what your followers like, and refine which type of posts gain the most traction. 

  • Respond to comments, answer questions, and reply to your followers so they know there is a real human behind your social media profile.

Social Media Platforms

Our experience has taught us which platforms are best for connecting with new leads, boosting interactions, and raising awareness. We can manage and mature your social media pages on:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • TikTok

  • Pinterest


Tap each tile to see taco truck examples of how each social platform is used:

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Ok, So, What's Next?

If you’re ready for your business to get social but are lacking on time or strategy, we can help. We will get you connected to the right platforms and engage your followers with compelling content. 


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