Branding Services

Your products and services have the potential to change the world, but you can’t make a difference if no one knows about your business! That’s where your branding makes an impact.

Great branding does more than just sell. It can evoke emotion, paint a story, and express how your business can solve your customer’s problem. It’s the foundation of trust that builds a strong relationship.

A brand is a promise to your customer, and our promise to you is that we can help you define and refine your marketing so that you can make an impact on our community, whether you are a startup, a nonprofit, or a social-minded small business.

What is Branding?

Your brand is you, and branding is how people view your business.


  • It’s your business name and logo.

  • It’s the solution you provide to your clients. 

  • It’s the concrete reality of your intangible identity.

  • It’s the product or service that distinguishes you from other competitors in your industry.

  • It’s your promise to your customers.

  • It’s the personality you display everywhere you are (physical store, website, social media, etc.).

Your logo is a key element of your brand. It should appear everywhere that you are: on your website, social media pages, advertising pieces, business cards, podcasts, etc. Your logo identifies your products as unique to your brand. Your color scheme reflects your brand personality. Your tagline is a part of your brand messaging and pops up everywhere you do business.  

Your brand should portray consistency, which is translated to customers as quality, trust, and expertise. A professional image will also take your business to the next level, helping you to shine. Beyond your brand, most nonprofits and businesses also have a tagline, which is a key message associated with your mission.

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Our Branding Strategy

Your brand is how your business is displayed to the world. Effective branding makes you taste like an amazing, mouth-watering, authentic taco: out-of-this-world-amazing, yet there is one special ingredient that you can’t quite name. Customers won’t know what it is, but there is something about your brand that is alluring and memorable.

We are the problem-solvers who can help small nonprofits, socially-minded businesses, and startups with a wishy-washy mission define their brand.

We are the professionals who can transform a startup’s uncertain identity into a refined brand.

We are the creatives who can enlighten a social-minded business about the promise it’s making to its customers.

  • First, we learn about your business by diving deep into your mission, values, and vision. 

  • Next, we analyze what messages your brand is currently displaying across all platforms (including website, social media pages, emails, and other marketing collateral).

  • Then, we consider how other giants in your industry project themselves. 

  • Finally, we create a complete branding package (see below).

Package Options

The basic package gives you exactly what your small nonprofit, social-minded business, or startup needs to define your brand. It includes a logo, your brand promise plus tagline, and social media setup (or refresh) with images, graphics, and profile covers or banners.

The premium package goes a step further, giving you a competitive edge above others in your industry. This option includes everything from the basic package plus your very own brand guide, an analysis of your competitors, and a memorable brand story.

Ready to transform your business into a memorable brand?


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