Kristin Towles

Chief Empathy Officer

Our founder, Kristin, is an accidental marketer with a Bachelor's in international community development. Passionate about helping others, she came to believe that marketing ought to be used to help and connect people, helping established small businesses build their online presence.

Q&A with Kristin

When you were a kid, what'd you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an architect.

Who inspires you?
A few old mentors - Ossie Mills, phenomenal communicator and K. Reid-Martinez, an out of the box thinker way ahead of her time. And also Gary Vee for his constant promotion of compassion in the workplace.

What's a trip, moment, or circumstance that changed your life and why?
I think my time in Mexico was very eye-opening to a different pace in life. It definitely eliminated any attachment I had to material things. Also loved my time in Europe and Asia.

What's your favorite thing about Tulsa?
I love the hometown feel while still striving for big city... fame for lack of a better word. The work our Mayor has been doing to bring recognition and opportunities to Tulsa is phenomenal.

Kristin Towles