Brian Du

Digital Media Specialist

Brian is a digital media guru and handles all of our photo and video needs. He studied film at the University of Tulsa and also has a podcast called, Slugline. Check it out on iTunes.

Q&A with Brian

When you were a kid, what'd you want to be when you grew up?
Ironically, I wanted to be a web/software developer! But the older I got and the more I submerged myself in computer science, I realized that I really suck at programming. Now I just surround myself with those kinds of people!

Who inspires you?
Not one person in particular, but filmmakers Philip Wang and Wesley Chan of Wong Fu Productions are major influences on my creative work. As they are the pioneers of creating high-quality original content on YouTube and the trailblazers for Asian American creators, I aspire to reach their level of versatility in storytelling and independent film.

What's a trip, moment, or circumstance that changed your life and why?
The moment I decided to change my academic and career aspirations from information technology to film studies was a major point in my life. For many years, I had essentially ignored the creative and artistic side of myself. Once I was able to embrace that, I was a much happier and sociable person.

What's your favorite thing about Tulsa?
My favorite thing about Tulsa is the ever growing and evolving film community in town. I've been in Tulsa all my life and it's always interesting to see the constant shift in creative local endeavors. There's never a dull moment.

Brian Du