Tulsa Woman Runs Home Bakery and Rises to Success

Rich and creamy banana pudding topped with perfectly browned, fresh baked, chessman cookies, moist and fluffy 7UP pound cake, and sweet and sticky pecan pie are just a few things that keep customers coming back to Mooleedee’s Bakery, a delivery service specializing in homemade desserts. This Tulsa-based company has been offering decadent cakes, golden brown pies and cobblers, and irresistible cookies since January 2020.

The bakery owner, Laticia Howard, is part of the growing wave of entrepreneurs whose businesses took off amidst the COVID-19small business boom. Howard is the winner of a $500 cash prize from our #GetGoogled event, made possible from our friends at Builders+Backers.

Mooleedee's has a dedicated following – so much so that their cakes are now sold at local grocery store, Oasis Fresh Market. However, Mooleedee’s has fans across the country too. They’ve shipped orders to customers from Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas, Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Chicago, Illinois, just to name a few.

Mooleedee’s celebrates their second anniversary in 2022, they credit their success this far to the support they have received from their customers. Their motto, “Our victory is found in appeasing our customers,” is evident in the feedback they receive on their page. Comments from satisfied customers left in the form of raving reviews are often shared by the business with its audience. It’s easy to see that Mooleedee’s is loved by almost anyone who tastes their treats, and with accommodations such as sugar free, vegan and gluten free options, there are many who can–and do indulge.

“We are truly driven by the love of what we create and it comes not just in the form of a cake, but in the knowledge that we truly make people happy each time they taste our cakes,” said Howard in a statement on Mooleedee’s business page.

To taste the miracle of Mooleedee’s for yourself, stop by Oasis Fresh Market on 1725 N. Peoria Avenue or make a custom order by sending a message to their Facebook page or you can email them directly at mooleedees@yahoo.com. And be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on their new flavors and specials, or you know… just to gawk at their delicious feed.

Chelsea Sheets, Communications Specialist, Websites4Good

Tulsa native, Chelsea Sheets is a strategic communication professional and activist. Through her commitment to helping make Tulsa a better place to live, work and play, she partners with like-minded small, local businesses and non-profit organizations to help them achieve their goals.

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