How We’re Using Google Maps To Strengthen North Tulsa

You might want to sit down for this, because we have exciting news... We’re going to put North Tulsa on the map! Specifically, on Google Maps.

Websites4Good is launching a new effort to help North Tulsa businesses register on Google Maps, and if needed, we will help business owners start a website and enhance their marketing. We are doing all of this in partnership with the Phoenix Development Council and with the help of a crew of local interns who will receive mentorship and training in successful business practices.

We're excited to do this because we believe that getting our community on the most-used mapping tool in the world will “put it on the map,” figuratively as well. We want to make North Tulsa an actual destination for customers and businesses. To do that, we are giving local businesses an online presence and providing training to entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit founders on effective marketing skills.

If you're an owner of a North Tulsa business, you know the community. Our team at Websites4Good knows all about Google Maps and website development. Together, we can help North Tulsa thrive!

Why Does My Business Need a Google Maps Listing?

You may be wondering why in the world we’re so excited about Google Maps. Maybe you’ve seen their cars driving around your neighborhood, noting the coordinates of your address and taking a photo of your business storefront.

Google Maps is a big deal because if your business is registered on Google Maps, people will actually be able to find your business.

A top-notch Google Maps listing is a low-cost investment that can pay off bigtime. It can deliver increased traffic to your website, more customers to your store, a higher position on internet searches list you higher in Google searches, and more opportunities to interact with new and returning customers.

How Does a Google Maps Listing Bring More Customers through the Door?

Getting your North Tulsa business registered on Google Maps accomplishes many things that will drive more traffic to your business. Having your business on Google Maps will do the following:

  • Informs customers about your business and how to find you with details including your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation.

  • Reaches potential customers who live near your business and need your products and services, even though they may have never heard of you before. Now they will!

Believe it or not, your business will also benefit from other North Tulsa businesses getting noticed online. That’s because getting North Tulsa businesses on Google Maps will do the following:

  • Encourages other startups to establish their business nearby. This may be a new gas station or daycare that your customers need that keeps them shopping and investing their dollars in your neighborhood.

  • Increases your own opportunity by allowing you to connect with other businesses in the area. This is valuable if you sell products or services to businesses, but even if you don’t, there are many other opportunities for partnerships.

  • Demonstrates to visitors, government officials, and even other parts of town and nearby cities that our community is innovative, developing, and growing. This is a key factor for potential new residents and businesses.

  • Instills local pride among residents of North Tulsa!

As more people discover your neighborhood, they will discover your business. People will get to see your friendly, successful, thriving business that meets a distinct need within our community.

Potential customers will also notice other businesses who are listed on Google Maps or have a website. It will be easy to find addresses and hours of operation, while the customer ratings and reviews will present a positive representation of the neighborhood. More businesses with an online presence shows economic vitality and positive growth.

How Will You Help My Business Create a Google Maps Listing?

We want to help your business get found online, because we can imagine the strong future that North Tulsa can have due in part to its vibrant digital presence.

So we are doing something crazy! If you’re an owner of a North Tulsa business, we want to make this service accessible to you by drastically cutting our prices by 80%! We’re offering you our services at-cost so that you can put your business on the map.

We are doing this because we genuinely want to support local businesses. We also want to invest in the future of our business community, so to do this work at such a drastic discount, we are involving a crew of local interns.

Youth and young adults in our internship program will be directly involved in working with our customers, and will learn important business skills along the way. We want to equip the next generation with the skillset to start their own business, get it online, and market their business successfully.

Who Will these Interns Be, and What Will they Do?

We are accepting applications for two different types of internships. First, we are hiring interns who will be on the ground working to get businesses on the map. Ideal candidates will live in the area and be good presenters that understand the value of great customer service. These interns will do the following:

  • Work on social impact projects

  • Work on active sales campaigns

  • Conduct market research

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • Learn about entrepreneurship

Learn more about this internship and how to apply here.

Second, we're hiring interns who will document stories of North Tulsa businesses through photography, and possibly video. Ideal candidates live in the area, enjoy meeting new people, are looking to expand their portfolio, and understand the importance of storytelling. Learn more about this internship and how to apply here.

Our Community is Based on Relationships. Why Should We also Go Online?

North Tulsa is extremely friendly. People who live here genuinely care about one another. We take the extra few minutes to stop and say hello to passersby.

We know that the community is centered around relationships. Jobs are found via word of mouth. Businesses gain popularity based on recommendations. People ask for suggestions from their Facebook friends.

We get that. Relationships, personal recommendations, and likes on Facebook give life to your business. The beautiful reality is that driving new customers through your doors by having a strong web presence will lead to more relationships.

As North Tulsa gets noticed online, new opportunities will spring up. And if your business has a Google Maps listing and a great website, you will be at the forefront of this new movement!

Are You Ready to Get Your Business On the Map?

We have already started this work in the heart of the Phoenix District, in the 74106 zip code. Our project will gradually be expanding into the seven conjoining zip codes: 74110, 74115, 74116, 74117, 74126, 74127 and 74130.

We are very hopeful about these opportunities for our community! Websites4Good and the Phoenix Development Council would love to help get your business on the map, train you as a North Tulsa intern or Story Documenter intern, invite you to join our team, or gain your community support!

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, or only lives on Facebook, we can help you get registered on Google Maps and develop your very own website.

Remember: we're working to bridge the digital marketing gap for entrepreneurs and small business owners who have little to zero access to capital. You can find further reading on our North Tulsa Businesses page.

If you’re ready for your North Tulsa business to get noticed, let’s get started.

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