Ebook Publishing

Your local community library is full of books containing stories, information, and endless knowledge, but the library is no longer trapped within the confines of tangible books; it has expanded into the digital sphere.

If you want to share your story and expertise with your audience through a self-published ebook, we can help! An ebook, or electronic book, is a book published in a digital format and can be read on smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. If you don’t have the time or technical knowledge to self-publish an ebook, we’re your publishing mentors and design professionals!

We take the complexity out of the self-publishing process and get your ebook on the devices of your audience.

Did You Know...

How to Start an Ebook

Before you publish your ebook, here are the different elements you’ll need to include. We can help you finalize any or all of them.

  • Book title. Something catchy, memorable, and a clear explanation of your book.

  • Author biography. Tell your readers a bit about who you are. Most authors include something about their education, a brief description of their career, basic details about their spouse or children and hometown, and something they enjoy doing for fun.

  • Dedication. Is your book dedicated to someone special or written in honor of a loved one? Add this section before the table of contents.

  • Table of contents. Include major sections and chapters. Don’t worry about the page numbers - we’ll add those in after formatting.

  • Chapter titles. Allow your chapter titles to stand out in your document, such as at a page break or with a consistent heading style.

  • Great content. Have a friend or colleague read through a draft and provide objective feedback. Double check that your chapters are seamless, and make sure all the sections have been run through a grammar and spell check software such as Hemmingway or Grammarly.

We make self-publishing your ebook easy and provide technical assistance every step of the way. Share your final draft with us, then pick which of our three self-publishing packages is the best fit for your project.

The Basic package transforms your document into a complete ebook. This includes: proofreading, formatting, layout, images, cover, and ISBN.

Our Premium package contains everything from the basic package plus ebook distribution to major online distributors and an author profile. If you want more people to have access to your ebook online, we recommend this package.

The Premium package with Management provides everything from the basic and premium packages plus we’ll handle getting your book reviewed on all major platforms. Feeling unsure about the ebook publishing process? This package will share the most feedback with you along the way. But don’t worry, we still take care of the details for you.

Why Wait?

If you’ve put your dream book on hold due to fear of the process, not enough time to research the self-publishing industry, or simply getting stuck with a document instead of a formatted ebook, don’t delay any longer! We can help you transform your manuscript into a professional ebook.



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